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The floor is as equally important as any other part of a structure. Let Flooring Greenville assist you with anything you need; flooring installation, repair, and maintenance. We are always ready to help!

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What They Say About Us

Winston F.

"I used to have linoleum flooring that melts in the kitchen. After visiting Flooring Greenville’s showroom, they advised me to change my kitchen flooring to their linoleum flooring. It was thick and looked sturdy, so I agreed. They installed it and now I enjoy cooking in the kitchen without worrying about melting floors!"

Dianne W.

"I had my hardwood floors refinished by another flooring service provider. It was not good so I had to replace my hardwood floors with new planks. Luckily, Flooring Greenville works on everything and they did not only replace my wood planks, they also applied their special solution to make it last longer and look super great. Thanks to this team, my home looks spectacular."

Jackson W.

"My wife disliked tile flooring because it is too smooth and slippery when wet. I consulted with this team and they showed me a tile flooring type that is perfect for our home. My wife and I are happy we compromised. Our home looks so stylish."